We Are Candle & Quill

“In order to capture deep love, you must also be able to love deeply.”

The Candle: The primary element of photography is the capturing of light. Before electricity and modern flashes, the candle was the most popular source of lighting the dark. The candle represents the simplistic element of photography: light. 

The Quill: While the quill has nothing to do with photography, it has everything to do with storytelling. Anybody can snap a photo, but not everyone can tell a story with their images. 

I've always found myself to be the guy behind the camera. Whether on vacation, around the house, or in a hut in the middle of nowhere South Africa... I had my eye to the viewfinder.

For me, it wasn't a way to hide, it was the fulfillment of my desire to tell the story that was unfolding in front of me to those who weren't there. I knew the feelings that were welling up in me, and I wanted others to experience them as well.

If the emotion of the moment doesn’t translate through the photo, the moment was robbed of its due justice.

I am so blessed to be able to capture such special moments with my wife Courtney by my side. We’re almost 12 years into the marriage game, and I can say with confidence…I love her more every day.

We take pride in getting to know our clients. Not only does this make for a much more pleasant client experience, but it actually helps us to capture your memories true to form...in your element. 

Whether you're eloping to Iceland, starting a new chapter with your soulmate, or you just really want some emotion-filled shots of you and yours...lets do it together.

I hope reading this has helped you get to know us and the 'why' behind our 'what'. This is the beginning of our grand adventure. Lets meet up and chat so that we can plan the shoot that you've been envisioning.