with a focus on genuine connection, and capturing moments that will stand the test of time.

A powerful photograph is timeless. It evokes emotion. It takes you to a place that you could not otherwise venture, because of the restraints of time and space. Photographs have the ability to transform us into time travelers. One quick glance and we're back in that very moment. The smells and sounds flood our minds as we reminisce and relive every detail of this exact sliver of time. The right camera, the right lens, the right angle simply cannot replace capturing the right emotion.

We've designed this website as a guide. As you scroll through the pages, we hope that it serves as a window into what makes us tick as photographers. We like to think of this, not as the beginning of a future business transaction, but as the beginning of a relationship. It requires genuine relationship to capture authentic moments and pure emotion. We hope you like what you discover...we think you will.

Our Focus


to create a space for genuine connection to happen.

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We are a husband and wife photographer duo residing in Charlotte, NC with our two daughters, Nara and Lenni. We are both wedding and elopement photographers who enjoy shooting everything from adventurous weddings in the middle of nowhere, to intimate backyard weddings with your closest friends and family. We are motivated by the incredible moments we get to share with every couple, and we’re willing to go anywhere or do anything to share in some of the best times of your lives!

Ryan and Courtney Thomas, Candle and Quill Photography